The Selection Panel Award 2021.



We have chosen Cecilie Penney’s Roll up into a ball as the recipient of this year’s Selection Panel Award. An interactive map of Aarhus provides access to five spaces, where the first person narrator has found themselves under a course of treatment for depression: at the doctor’s, the psychologist, the body psychotherapist, in a yoga room and at home. Each of these five rooms has been 3D scanned, incorperating all the glitches and deficiencies that this technology currently involves, and the architecture of each space therefore hangs down in tatters, as if damaged by fire or leaks. Here, digital technology is actively used to manifest the depressive’s gaps in their sense of the world around them , and not least, in their memory. At the same time, a clear subdued voice ties the notes and fragments from the personal medical journals with the institutional surroundings, where the patient is reduced to the abbrieviation PT . We have selected Roll up into a ball because it is an intense art work that actively addresses both the possibilities and limitations of digital media.

Amalie Smith

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